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Bye Bye 2020

Good day everyone, CEO Olivia reporting for the final time in 2020. My goodness it’s been a challenging year but with pawsitive energy & actions we will see better days ahead. My wish for the new year is that everyone will be kind & take care of one another. We are all in this together,… Continua a leggere Bye Bye 2020

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Sculptor Roberto Benavidez

Recently, huMom’s attention has been pawsitively for the birds. Dogspite my feelings about this, I agreed with Dot & Jerry Underfoot that she dogserved to enjoy herself outside of our needs, occasionally & because of this we chose to share the work of sculptor Roberto Benavidez. Benavidez grew up in rural Texas where there was… Continua a leggere Sculptor Roberto Benavidez

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Paper Artist Chie Hitotsuyama

Japanese paper artist Chie Hitotsuyama creates pawtastic textured sculptures of animals using a technique involving rolled strips of wet newspaper forming the wild fur of snow monkeys or the scales found on the back of an iguana.  Her wooftastic sculptures are life size & as realistic as pawsible. She tries to convey animals just going about… Continua a leggere Paper Artist Chie Hitotsuyama

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Silly Dog Sundays ~ November 8th Edition

It’s a sunny, warm Sunday here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. What better time for a little silliness. Enjoy the day. CEO Olivia ❤ PS🐾🐾 Keep your nose close. I’ll be announcing some of our pawsome items that have been donated for Olivia’s November Epilepsy Awareness Month Silent Auction for The Wally Foundation –… Continua a leggere Silly Dog Sundays ~ November 8th Edition

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Reporter dei cani da pagliaio

Serve un certo impegno per fotografare senza disturbare capre, mucche, maiali, cavalli, galline, conigli, cani e gatti che vivono liberi nelle cascine collinari, quelli che un tempo si chiamavani “animali da cortile”. Ci si va a piedi evitando di turbare la loro serenità, e si cerca di ottenere qualche immagine senza pretendere che loro si… Continua a leggere Reporter dei cani da pagliaio

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Animal Romance in the Time of Covid — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I’ve sniffed out a pawsome video. The new music video for Groove Armada’s track Lover 4 Now re imagines a pawfect cat & dog romance for current times, where life & love are increasingly experienced through virtual means. Director, designer & artist Fons Scheidon worked on the project from […]… Continua a leggere Animal Romance in the Time of Covid — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

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Ho incontrato il pio

Il bove T’amo pio bove; e mite un sentimento Di vigore e di pace al cor m’infondi, O che solenne come un monumento Tu guardi i campi liberi e fecondi, O che al giogo inchinandoti contento L’agil opra de l’uom grave secondi: Ei t’esorta e ti punge, e tu co ‘l lento Giro dè pazienti… Continua a leggere Ho incontrato il pio