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Multimedia Artist Debbie Lawson

Welcome to Friday everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Just when I thought I’d sniffed out every type of art, I dug up something new. Sculptures made from carpets. Artist Debbie Lawson is a Scottish-born multimedia artist.  Her work is one of color &  an exploration of the imagination that takes the viewer on a journey […]… Continua a leggere Multimedia Artist Debbie Lawson

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Catnip ~ Artful Felines from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Today instead of focusing on a pawticular artist we will be pawing through one of Dot’s & Jerry Underfoot’s favorite books in the house, ‘Catnip ~ Artful Felines from The Metropolitan Museum of Art’ published by Chronicle Books. ‘Catnip’ Endpaper HuMom gets pawsitively excited with any book that has graphic endpapers (: a once-folded sheet… Continua a leggere Catnip ~ Artful Felines from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Conheça 7 Joias mais famosas do mundo

Joias são sempre cobiçadas, símbolos da riqueza existem diversas joias que são icônicas por si só. Algumas das joias mais famosas do mundo pertencem a realeza ou já foram utilizadas por grandes celebridades. Desde anéis, colares, coroas, existem muitas peças centenárias que foram usadas até mesmo pela Rainha Maria Antonieta, executada pela revolução francesa. Joias… Continua a leggere Conheça 7 Joias mais famosas do mundo


Artist Calvin Nicholls — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

To most of us a sheet of paper is something we mark with some form of base or medium.  HuMom will write a letter with ink or create a image with a strike of graphite or splash of paint.  I myself occasionally enjoy a pawsome afternoon painting with my pallet of purples.  Paper is the […]… Continua a leggere Artist Calvin Nicholls — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

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5 marzo nasce Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pier Paolo Pasolini nasce il 5 marzo del 1922 a Bologna. Primogenito di Carlo Alberto Pasolini, tenente di fanteria, e di Susanna Colussi, maestra elementare. Il padre, di vecchia famiglia ravennate, di cui ha dissipato il patrimonio sposa Susanna nel dicembre del 1921 a Casarsa. Dopodiché gli sposi si trasferiscono a Bologna. Lo stesso Pasolini… Continua a leggere 5 marzo nasce Pier Paolo Pasolini

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Artist Harriet Mead

HuMom loves metal objects; especially if they are created from found pieces or picked from recycled objects.  This is why we are sharing wildlife artist Harriet Mead’s pawtastic work today.  Animals & birds are the inspiration for her work. From an early age Harriet developed an interest in wildlife. Her late father, Chris Mead, well… Continua a leggere Artist Harriet Mead

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Artist Kendra Haste — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

For many years now huMom has talked about making time to build her canine armature. Size, shape & materials consume her busy head when she should be filling my treat ball.  The one material she always clucks about (I did say cluck) is chicken wire. It’s attainable, malleable, sustainable, & 100% recyclable. Taking into account […]… Continua a leggere Artist Kendra Haste — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

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Innuendo — suoni tribali

Gli anni ’80 che hanno appena lasciato il passo al nuovo decennio mi permettono di fruire di un bagaglio musicale colmo di disco-dance, videoclip e dischi Glam-Rock, band pop e synthpop britanniche come Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet o Culture Club di Boy George, tante e differenziate trasmissioni TV di genere ma soprattutto della padronanza negli […]… Continua a leggere Innuendo — suoni tribali

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Artist Aja Trier

This pawsome artist caught huMom’s eye because of the wagnificent similarities between George Rodrigue’s ‘Blue Dog’ series & her ‘Starry Night’ series. By dog, others people have made comparison of Aja Trier to the famous painter van Gogh. Aja Trier even had  an educational site attributed her ‘Eiffel Tower’ painting to van Gogh, & was… Continua a leggere Artist Aja Trier