La copertina per Evaporata —


Ho scelto la copertina per il libro di prossima pubblicazione
“Evaporata: Blog di una donna senza segreti!

Ringrazio Lucia per essersi offerta
e per aver realizzato la copertina
Cliccate sotto per conoscere i dettagli e anche il suo blog

blog di una donna senza segreti

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Artist Marina Dieul — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

Artist Marina Dieul was born in France. She showed great interest in painting & drawing from an early age, & her family encouraged her vocation. In early 2000, she moved to Canada, where she now lives with her family. Her work has received numerous awards & honors. Marina Dieul is known for her animals […]

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Wire Fauna — Dioniso Punk

L’arte del riciclo stupisce ancora

The workshop of Mohsen Yegane is not only a place where things are built or repaired, but where creativity can really let off steam. You just need some wires, pliers, bolts, a broom and a little bit of imagination… You can see an entire fauna come to life.

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Wood Carver Tach Pollard — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

Sculture leggiadre

Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today we are sniffing out some pawsome wood carvings. UK-based artist/wood carver Tach Pollard transforms gnarled tree roots into fantastical creatures inspired by European folklore. Pollard began collecting tree roots when he was a child, but didn’t start carving them until much later in life. He predominantly works with oak […]

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