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The Glass Ark

There is a pawtastic online exhibit I’ve sniffed out called ‘The Glass Ark’ at LE STANZE DEL VETRO. It’s been running since April & will continue until November of this year. That means until then you can experience a virtual tour of Pierre Rosenberg’s glass collection which is part of the current exhibition online. […]… Continua a leggere The Glass Ark

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Textile Sculptor Bryony Jennings

Have I ever mentioned that huMom & the huMom of my furiend Yoshi once owned & operated a textile gallery.  It was a pawsome place of wagnificently curated fiber creations & good dogs Yoshi, Kiko, Pharoh, Suzi Q, & myself ready at all times to greet & meet visitors. Grrrreat memories but lets get a… Continua a leggere Textile Sculptor Bryony Jennings

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40 Oeuvres Street Art de Banksy

40 Street Art works by Banksy * For foreign visitors, you can use the translator (on the side of the blog, in sidebar ) widget “Traduction”, for translate the article into your original language.   Talentueux Artiste Street Art : BANKSY est sans aucun doute le graffeur le plus célèbre et le plus célébré au monde. Né en principe en 1974, ce n’est… Continua a leggere 40 Oeuvres Street Art de Banksy

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‘Sophisticated Folk’ Artist Robin Anne Cooper — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

CEO Olivia here today to bark about an Outsider Artist or as she refers to herself a ‘Sophisticated Folk’ Artist Robin Anne Cooper.  Robin’s creative journey started when found she was not so good with a paintbrush but  with a pair scissors she could create wooftastic & pawtacular colorful collages. With the pawmission of the […]… Continua a leggere ‘Sophisticated Folk’ Artist Robin Anne Cooper — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

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Illustrator Eric Carle — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

Even as an adult huMom still finds children books & picture book art pawsitively irresistible & dog gone magical.  Often the stories & pawtacular images invite or share with the reader places, people, animals or emotions they may have never visited or only exist in their imagination & on the pages in which they absorb […]… Continua a leggere Illustrator Eric Carle — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

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EcoLogicArt, bando del concorso attivo fino al 15 maggio

EcoLogicArt, il bando del concorso è attivo fino al 15 maggio In questi ultimi anni è stato sempre più evidente quanto l’umanità debba rivedere le proprie abitudini nei confronti dell’ambiente. Tra cataclismi, surriscaldamento globale, eccessivo consumo di plastica e molto altro, ci siamo ritrovati come un pendolo ad oscillare tra la consapevolezza di dovere fare di… Continua a leggere EcoLogicArt, bando del concorso attivo fino al 15 maggio