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Mudimbi – Biografia, recensioni, discografia, foto, playlist — Ornitorinco Nano

Mudimbi su Spotify Michel Mudimbi, meglio conosciuto solamente come Mudimbi, è nato a San Benedetto del Tronto ma ha un DNA italo-congolese, che ben è facilmente palesato dal colore della sua pelle. Si appassiona al rap quando scopre l’Eminem di The Real Slim Shady, correva l’anno 2000. Lui però, classe 1986, è ancora giovanissimo […]

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In the Grassland — Dioniso Punk

 Le irresistibili immagini di Dioniso Punk

As many sensitive souls attracted by an otherworldly call, Suzan Visser chose the profession of artist instead of the teaching one, which was initially in the illustration of biology books. From this, her first paintings arose in a place where both animals and people play the leading role. Born in Maarsbergen, Netherlands, in 1967, Suzan […]

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Gastronomic Illustration — Dioniso Punk

Italy is a country where cooking still plays an important role in daily life. Gianluca Biscalchin began his career as journalist, but soon he realized he needed something more than words to express himself and his passion, so he started to draw what until then was just photographed. He said he just had the right […]

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Self-Shredding — Dioniso Punk

Banksy made another of his brilliant things, and this once again has caught the imagination of art lovers, creative minds, great brands and common people. From digital artists or artisans who played around with the Girl with Balloon by mocking and miniaturizing the art performance, to sellers wondering if they shredded their Girl with Balloon […]

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Calli-grafia — Un Dente di Leone. Un post sorprendente di Neda

Quando andavo a scuola la “Bella Scrittura” era ancora materia di studio, con lezioni settimanali e compiti a casa in cui ci esercitavamo a scrivere in corsivo, posato, rotondo, cancelleresco, gotico tedesco detto Frakture e gotico inglese detto Moderno. Uno strazio! Avevamo cannucce e vari tipi di pennini adatti a ogni tipo di scrittura: punta […]

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Grain of Sand — Dioniso Punk

Life is hard, no doubt about it. But are we not the main architects of this? Maybe if something went wrong, if sadness and frustration seem to inexorably creep into every corner of our days, probably a little blame is on our side too. This is what some artists seem to want to point out […]

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