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In the Grassland — Dioniso Punk

 Le irresistibili immagini di Dioniso Punk

As many sensitive souls attracted by an otherworldly call, Suzan Visser chose the profession of artist instead of the teaching one, which was initially in the illustration of biology books. From this, her first paintings arose in a place where both animals and people play the leading role. Born in Maarsbergen, Netherlands, in 1967, Suzan […]

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Il prezzo del coraggio

Sono passati cinquant’anni da questa storica immagine che rappresenta più di ogni altra le Olimpiadi del 1968 A questi tre uomini è costato caro il loro gesto coraggioso Sulla loro storia è stato fatto anche un film

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Gastronomic Illustration — Dioniso Punk

Italy is a country where cooking still plays an important role in daily life. Gianluca Biscalchin began his career as journalist, but soon he realized he needed something more than words to express himself and his passion, so he started to draw what until then was just photographed. He said he just had the right […]

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