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Il nido delle aquile di mare / The white-tailed eagles nest — Manuel Chiacchiararelli

Visto l’interessamento, personale certo ma anche vostro, della webcam che trasmette cosa succede lungo un ruscello danese 24/7, ho cercato un po’ su youtube altri video simili, e oggi vi presento una web sul nido delle aquile di mare che si stanno prendendo cura dei loro due piccoli. Come per l’altra webcam, anche qui è […]… Continua a leggere Il nido delle aquile di mare / The white-tailed eagles nest — Manuel Chiacchiararelli

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Migliaia di Gru cenerine! (video) / Thousands of Eurasian cranes (video)

Originally posted on Manuel Chiacchiararelli:
La stagione della migrazione è iniziata, e in Svezia la più imponente è quasi sicuramente quella delle gru cenerine: tra le 60 e 70 mila unità, tornano infatti qui ogni anno a primavera, e si ritrovano a migliaia prima di proseguire verso nord. Sono andato ad ammirarle da vicino: un’esperienza…

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Un altro sito con belle immagini offerte dalla natura If you follow the blog you might know that the humble Blackbird is by far and away my favorite British bird. A common sight in many gardens , including my own garden this overlooked bird has a special place in my heart. It might be it’s… Continua a leggere BLACKBIRD AT THE MEADOW —

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Illustrator & Author Isabelle Simler

Isabelle Simler is a french illustrator & author of children’s books who holds a dogree in decorative arts from the University of Strasbourg. Isabelle has written & created scripts for many cartoons & has contributed to many print media outlets. Her 1st book, Plume, has been recommended by the French Bird Protection League (LPO) but… Continua a leggere Illustrator & Author Isabelle Simler

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Who’s Eye is This — Into the Light Adventures

Who’s Eye is This, up close and personal. The song birds at my feeder are letting me get a little closer to them. If I sit quietly, plus I have a camouflage jacket on. They are getting use to me being there. Which allows to take photos where you can really see the details of… Who’s… Continua a leggere Who’s Eye is This — Into the Light Adventures

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Birding at Pirotan Island — Hiren Khambhayta

Pirotan Island is a part of Marine National Park, Jamnagar, India and one of the best place to see waders and mainly crab plover, oriental darter and Pallas Gull. Sharing few of my favourite images taken during a trip in 2016, after that Island is closed for public for conservation purpose. Purple Sunbird female Western… Birding… Continua a leggere Birding at Pirotan Island — Hiren Khambhayta

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Sculptor Roberto Benavidez

Recently, huMom’s attention has been pawsitively for the birds. Dogspite my feelings about this, I agreed with Dot & Jerry Underfoot that she dogserved to enjoy herself outside of our needs, occasionally & because of this we chose to share the work of sculptor Roberto Benavidez. Benavidez grew up in rural Texas where there was… Continua a leggere Sculptor Roberto Benavidez