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Artist  Marina Okhromenko — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

Hello one & all, CEO Olivia here. Today I have sniffed out some very colorful good dogs who are digital illustrations of artist Marina Okhromenko. Hoping to capture varying degrees of joy, devotion & adoration, the Moscow-based illustrator depicts dogs wearing different expressions, each distinguished through their eagerness & the intensity of their stares. Okhromenko […]

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Artist Marina Dieul — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

Artist Marina Dieul was born in France. She showed great interest in painting & drawing from an early age, & her family encouraged her vocation. In early 2000, she moved to Canada, where she now lives with her family. Her work has received numerous awards & honors. Marina Dieul is known for her animals […]

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Art Cake — Dioniso Punk

Quando l’arte passa dalla gola

Originally Viking — from the Old Norse word “kaka” — the term cake has a long history. The ancient Greeks called cake πλακοῦς — or plakous, from the word for “flat”, πλακόεις or plakoeis — a mixture of eggs, milk, nuts, and honey. In ancient Rome, the basic bread dough was sometimes enriched with butter, […]

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Nebbia! — Emanuele Cazzaniga

Credetemi: la nebbia ha un grande fascino!

Visto che quest’anno l’inverno non è pervenuto, mi devo accontentare della nebbia… Previsione meteo confermata, così, stamattina, esco di casa con la Fujifilm X-T1 e lo zoom 18-55. Scarto quasi subito l’idea di fare una capatina sul Lago di Pusiano; la meta è lontana e il rischio è quello di arrivare e non trovare l’atmosfera […]

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Wood Carver Tach Pollard — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

Sculture leggiadre

Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today we are sniffing out some pawsome wood carvings. UK-based artist/wood carver Tach Pollard transforms gnarled tree roots into fantastical creatures inspired by European folklore. Pollard began collecting tree roots when he was a child, but didn’t start carving them until much later in life. He predominantly works with oak […]

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The Joker — Dioniso Punk

Published by DC Comics and first appeared in the debut issue of the comic book Batman in April 25, 1940, The Joker is a supervillain created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson. He was planned to be killed off during his initial appearance, but he was spared by editorial intervention, allowing the character […]

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