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Funny Cat Peppy 💕

🐈ねこのペピィちゃん🐈 “Peppy” the cat I met him in Honolulu human society in May 2005 🙏🏾 2005年5月ホノルル動物保護施設で出会いました。 🌞 It’s hard to believe that he’s 16-17 years old 😵But he is doing great!!! もう16ー17歳だけど、とっても健康。毎日夕方のビーチ時間についてきて、すりすりしてるし。。 As the same as most feline does, he loves to spend time in the cardboard 😆多くのネコ科同様、段ボールので過ごすひと時がお気に入り💕 📦🐈💗 Crossed paws🐾😆 11 years ago’s Christmas… Continua a leggere Funny Cat Peppy 💕

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Illustrator & Author Isabelle Simler

Isabelle Simler is a french illustrator & author of children’s books who holds a dogree in decorative arts from the University of Strasbourg. Isabelle has written & created scripts for many cartoons & has contributed to many print media outlets. Her 1st book, Plume, has been recommended by the French Bird Protection League (LPO) but… Continua a leggere Illustrator & Author Isabelle Simler