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Artist Harriet Mead

HuMom loves metal objects; especially if they are created from found pieces or picked from recycled objects.  This is why we are sharing wildlife artist Harriet Mead’s pawtastic work today.  Animals & birds are the inspiration for her work. From an early age Harriet developed an interest in wildlife. Her late father, Chris Mead, well… Continua a leggere Artist Harriet Mead

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Glass Sculptures by Artist Claire Kelly

Welcome to Friday once again. CEO Olivia reporting. Today I’ve sniffed out some pawsome delicate miniature glass sculptures. They are the creations of Rhode Island artist Claire Kelly. These wagnificent works are made with colored strips of glass called cane. Although she works with easily recognizable animals, Kelly’s use of color & pattern adds a… Continua a leggere Glass Sculptures by Artist Claire Kelly


Artist Kang Dong Hyun

Welcome to Friday everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I’ve sniffed out some pawsome looking sculptures by Korean sculptor Kang Dong Hyun. His technique involves constructing hollow sculptures from a system of metallic branches, giving his works the appearance of metallic shrubbery, portraying majestic animals such as lions, elephants, & horses. You can sniff out […]… Continua a leggere Artist Kang Dong Hyun

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Artist Beth Cavener Stichter

Welcome to Friday, CEO Olivia reporting. Today’s artist is sculptor Beth Cavener Stichter.  She is a classically trained sculptor who lives in Montana. Her pawrocess involves building pawsitively complex metal armatures to support sometimes thousands of pounds clay which she then sculpts using her whole body. The clay is then cut up into dozens of… Continua a leggere Artist Beth Cavener Stichter