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Closed eyes bring upon all that is deemed bliss Fully awakened pupils back into reality can sometimes leave one pissed In and out of the dream world only one conclusion is right Physical reality is the nightmare that screams for a chance at wholly sight The brain fights to have a life of it’s own […]

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  1. Plugging your eyes and bringing up energy dulls your mind and prevents you from Life, Nature, Death, you think you understand everything but in reality you have only taken casual, momentary, confused thoughts, nothing real certain;

    Modern intelligent rationality is the worst nightmare, a deception, beginning and end of personal damnations;

    your inner god is your light of consciousness, if you don’t shine you have no inner god …

    The splendor transmutes alchemically, it is so …

    Death is a window to what you really choose;

    My Life, Nature, Death could be the Nothing between an instance of life and the next, you can’t be who you are not…

    Thank you for what you do in honesty of conscience, your real merits are you recognized, good morning, good job! ❤ … ❤

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