On the Subway

No, dai mi fa morire sempre…


Dioniso Punk

How to make the most out of the time when it comes to travel on the subway? Scrolling, playing, reading, eating, peeping at the other passengers, trying to fall asleep, imagining things… There are places like New York, London, Paris, Naples or Madrid where the show on board is still often guaranteed, and there’s no shortage of entertainment and sources of inspiration. An example of this is of course New York City Subway, which recently suggested real series such as those of Matthew Grabelsky, a blend of every-day experiences and the subconscious, or Ben Rubin who started sketching monsters on his iPad during his commute, before his Monsters. In Thomas Subtil & Clarisse Rebotier‘s project, on the other hand, wild animals from the savannah decided to go on a trip through the Paris Metro.

In recent years, London Underground has been the scene of performances like…

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